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home electronics

Klipsch Speakers

With everything from high-end home theater speakers to professional landscape speakers, we have a Klipsch speaker that will fit your needs. With a wide product offering of in-wall, in-ceiling and stand speakers, we can create a customize home theater experience that is unmatched by any other product.

home electronics

Trane Whole House Generators

Trane’s liquid cooled whole house generators provide backup power in the event of an electrical outage. They are built for extended run times (10 days without maintenance), and the liquid cooled design provides a longer engine life. With a complete assortment of accessories, have the piece of mind that you will be covered during the next utility outage.

home electronics

Nexia Home Automation

The Nexia smart home system connects with hundred of smart home devices giving you the highest level of control over your home and piece of mind. Never worry about whether or not you left your garage door open, or if you locked your front door. With a complete line of indoor and outdoor cameras, you will know when someone is at your home, and with proximity features, your thermostat and lighting will adjust when you are almost home.

home electronics

Leviton Decora and Smart Switches

Leviton has the most comprehensive offering of products for your home. With over 25,000 products, rest assured that you will find the decora light switch and outlet that will match your design. With a wide assortment of colors and features such as integrated night lights and USB ports, you will find the perfect match.

home electronics

Panasonic Ventilation and Exhaust Fans

The WhisperGreen Select from Panasonic provides our customers with the latest technology in bathroom exhaust fans. You can select the CFM setting based on your square footage and with Plug N Play modules, you can easily add motion sensor, condensation sensor or NiteGlo LED light. With its ECM motor, you also know you have the most efficient fan on the market.

home electronics

Carrier Minisplit AC Systems

Whether you are trying to cool an entire house or just a small room, Carrier minisplits have you covered. Designed for unsurpassed control over your climate, these compact wall systems have an energy efficiency rating of up to 23 SEER. Learn how minisplit can lower your energy bill and provide superior comfort.

Whole House Surge Protection

Power surges are caused by lightning, utility problems, and by turning appliances on and off. They can cause malfunctions, premature failures, and damages to your Home Entertainment Center, Computer, Appliances, and Air Conditioners. But the damage is preventable by applying proven protection principles combined with industrial strength surge protection from ASCO Whole Home Surge Protection.

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